Anycast CDN

Website delivery acceleration for visitors from North America and Europe

Speed up

Anycast CDN is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase content download speed. Give your website Anycast CDN it deserves to deliver new superfast web experience to your visitors throughout Europe and North America.

Improved performance

Protect your server from request overload with our pool of CDN-servers which serves the most part of visitors requests.


Get an instant website acceleration without breaking your budget:
- traffic at the best value price,
- premium traffic channels,
- free inbound traffic,
- no hidden costs, pay as you go for actually used resources.

Know more about CDN benefits

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Benefits of HostiServer CDN

Easy set up

Quick start and integration support for new and existing clients.


The fastest content delivery solution based on Anycast technology.


Built on the premium channels of Tier 1 ISPs for high speed in each PoP both Europe and North America.

Data centers

Content is closer to your visitors with our PoPs in 4 edge locations:
США - AZ-Phoenix, VA-Herndon;
Netherlands - Amsterdam;
Germany - Frankfurt .

One for all

Single approach to storage of different media-content types:
as static (images, videos, scripts) as the dynamic (video/audio streaming) one.

Pure SSD

All content (both static and dynamic) is stored on SSD.


Offloading content to our edge servers increases page load speed as well as your website position in the search engine results and marketing campaigns effectiveness.

Flexible caching

We allow you to keep more in cache for longer. You decide when it’s time to remove it from CDN storage.


Protects your origin server from request overload (the most part of visitor requests processed by the CDN-servers pool) and improves server performance.


Fully compatible with all major CMS or other applications.


Content protection: time-expiring links, hotlink protection and more sophisticated solutions at your request.


CDN servers can handle much bigger traffic flow (10 Gbps, and more) compared to a standalone server (1-2 GBps).


No need to worry about traffic peaks. Regardless of size and intensity, CDN absorbs any.

Best-path routing

Deliver the content to your visitors at the best possible route so they don’t have to wait your website to load.


Flexible pricing policy:
- free inbound traffic;
- pay as you go with no hidden charges.


We provide Network fault tolerance on all levels from the network providers to the rack. That is achieved through redundancy at each network segment (main switches, routers, uplinks).

CDN Pricing

Content Delivery Network only from 1.2$/1Mbps + 50GB.
CDN for videos, images and applications.
30 Days free trial!

Outbound CDN Traffic CDN storage monthly cost

Estimate your monthly budget

CDN Traffic
up to 100 Mbps - $3.00 /Mbps
CDN Storage
more than 500 GB - $0.03 /GB
Total price
$99999 /mo Chat

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Points of presence HostiServer Anycast СDN

The key factors of the effective CDN performance are: using Anycast routing and IXPs connectivity (not their quantity) based on the same internet provider. That's why Hostiserver CDN solution utilizes Tier-1 Carriers ( ( - Cogent, Hurricane Electric, TATA Communications, Hibernia Networks with the direct connectivity to AMS-IX and Phoenix-IX.

Cogent logo
Hurricane logo
Amsix logo
Phoenix-IX logo

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