Full technical support

We build and maintain so you no longer have to take on everything.

Leave us the most complicated organizational,
technical and data-center related elements of hosting your project.

Data center

Starting from picking data-center over many others and up to hardware lifecycle management (procurement, mounting, troubleshooting, hardware replacement and platform update) we take full control of everything.


To ensure the highest uptime for your project, we build our network on the high performance network hardware with the direct connectivity to the Tier-1 carriers.

Looking for the individual network solution? We’ll design one for you based on our own IPv4 & IPv6 addresses.


Moving your project to Hostiserver, you get dedicated team of support experts ready to help you architect the right-fit solution for your current workflow.

Should you require any additional upgrades (RAM, CPU, drives, network interface cards, hardware RAID-controllers, expansion cards etc) we’ll provide your server with any.


We handle all setup tasks from the basic installations and up to the adjustment of each server part.

Whether it’s consulting, building your project’s architecture, growth planning strategy (development) or anything else, you can turn to us and we’ll go above & beyond to ensure flawless work of your project.

Service Levels

Full technical support

All of a sudden, you don’t need to handle all difficult issues anymore, leave that us and focus on your core business.
$50/ 12 hrs

On Request

Get as much support-hours as you need.
$750/ 15 min

Ongoing Support

Starting from building hosting environment and up to running your project at our platform - we are ready to assist you at any stage of your project’s lifecycle.

Hosting is communication

Talk to people - not interfaces. Get the detailed answers and any assistance from our experienced stuff. See how Hostiserver expert team goes above & beyond.
Let’s talk about your project!
+1 888 67 977 21call mail us live chat


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