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Fully Managed Hosting

Our Expertise for Your Perfect Experience

  • Fully managed services
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • CDN website acceleration
Managed VPS starting at
New Intel Xeon based servers
Dedicated servers sale starting at $80/mo.
Try Anycast CDN
30 days
Accelerate your website
Backup starting at
$10/250 GB

Get the most out of hosting and never settle for less

Hostiserver provides high level service you deserve so you don’t need to be a technical expert anymore and handle occurring issues on your own.
Lean on our expertise in hosting rich-media projects and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you while you build the business.

Why Us?

Unified Hosting Solution

As our client, you get considerably more than just a bare-metal server. To provide your project with all important services and help you grow with the bigger revenue, our unified solution includes: full support, powerful hardware, advanced monitoring, free backup space and CDN to minimize page load points.

Expert technical support

Difficulty is not an issue. Starting from the initial server setup and up to the fine tuning - our tech team will tackle any technical issue that may occur. We ensure high uptime for projects with different workloads demanding single server or a server farm.

Advanced monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring system guarantees uninterrupted performance and our proactive response to any hiccup of your server. Further, all the сollected data gets thoroughly analyzed to increase server performance.

Backup and Recovery

To keep your data safe and easy to recover, free backup space is provided with every server. Starting from 250GB for dedicated server and Unlimited Backup storage for virtual servers.

Rock solid infrastructure

We are not resellers. Our new branded hardware from the well-known vendors SuperMicro, Dell, Intel, Samsung operates out of enhanced Tier 3 data centres with direct connectivity to Tier 1 providers, to ensure the highest uptime and performance for your projects.

Accelerated content delivery

Every website owner faces hosting pitfalls - traffic expenses and website performance. Anycast CDN with both - virtual and dedicated server - means favourable traffic price, premium channels and points of presence in Europe and North America.
Exceed your audience expectations - speed up a website to deliver the best user experience and increase their engagement and loyalty.

Making easy every step you take.

  • Best-fit configuration selection.
  • Full server setup.
  • Ongoing project assistance.

Monitoring is the backbone of our support

  • Collect statistics on the key indicators.
  • Thoroughly analyze monitored data.
  • Optimize server's performance to the workload.

Fast website migration

Hostiserver team will migrate your project quickly and with no downtime to your new fast server.

  • Setup the server, move your site and domains.
  • Configure backup and monitoring.
  • Keep maintaining your technical environment.

They talk about us

  • Amazing web host

    Hostiserver is an amazing web host, their tech support is second to none, they are always available and reply really fast to issues and handling it without going back and forth. I can only recommend them.

    Attila @ http://iamattila.com/
  • Professional support

    Hostiserver has been supporting our high loaded dedicated servers for years. The team is quite skilled, support is always available. If any problem arises, it's solved quickly without any delays.

    Eugene Sobakarov, Jooble.org co-founder
  • Great service and support

    What comes to my mind when I think of Hostiserver? Service and support. Hardly you can find such outgoing attitude and knowleadgable staff like here. Through all of these years I have different issues, but every time these guys were at hand when I need their help.Looking forward for our long lasting partnership for many years to come!

  • Reliable hardware and awesome support

    We are one of the first Hostiserver customers and this is amazing how skilled and outgoing this support team could be! Much love the way staff reacts at any ticket we create. Reliable hardware and great support, as it is here at Hostiserver makes them #1 hosting company for me.

  • For those, who are looking for the fast and reliable servers in Europe

    Much like the results of server performance testing. The server is tuned for speed and high availability for visitors both CIS countries and Europe.

    Yurij Rassadnikov, MoonBack.RU

Hosting is communication

Talk to people - not interfaces. Get the detailed answers and any assistance from our experienced stuff. See how Hostiserver expert team goes above & beyond.
Let’s talk about your project!


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