CDN-accelerated managed SSD VPS

Unified solution at the regular price of VPS

Support rocks!

Feel the difference running fully managed server 24/7 - free technical support comes stock with any plan you choose. No matter big or small is your issue our technical experts will handle any.

We are always here when you need us and ready to help.

Boosted speed

CDN-accelerated SSD VPS is the best solution to boost your website and speed up content delivery to the visitors.

Don't waste a second. Win your target audience before competitors do.

Data security

To protect your business-critical data assets from unintended data loss all VPS plans include free unlimited backup.

Grow your business with a little less worries.

Beat the market

Once you at the market, every dollar counts.

Take the opportunity to get the most out of your investment using our regular price integrated solution.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with CDN accelerated managed SSD VPS.

Plans & prices

All virtual servers are fully configurable. Easily upgrade (downgrade) your server with RAM, drives or CPU.

2 gb RAM
2 cores CPU
50 gb ssd drive
3 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
30 min support
4 gb RAM
2 cores CPU
80 gb ssd drive
4 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
60 min support
8 gb RAM
4 cores CPU
120 gb ssd drive
6 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
90 min support

Get your best fit server!

Chat with hosting expert right now.
16 gb RAM
8 cores CPU
240 gb ssd drive
8 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
120 min support
32 gb RAM
12 cores CPU
480 gb ssd drive
10 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
unlimited support
64 gb RAM
16 cores CPU
720 gb ssd drive
10 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
unlimited support
128 gb RAM
20 cores CPU
960 gb ssd drive
10 tb traffic
10 Mbps CDN traffic
unlimited support
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Every plan includes as standard features:

Why choose Hostiserver Fully Managed Hosting

Full administration is a support service that covers all kinds of technical tasks and provides a substantial number of hours allocated for support.

Need more time of support? You can always get additional support-hours.

Right-fit configuration

Doubt what plan to choose or looking for a customized solution?

Let our hosting experts help you built the server.


Enjoy easy, fast and worry-free migration of your project until it works better compared to the previous server.


We’ll take all the necessary configuration steps to prepare your server: install CMS, scripts, software stack, backup important data and make sure your server is secured.

Once you’ve created a ticket, we are on our way to do it.


Sometimes the key to the better performance is not just increasing your VPS capacity.

We’ll diagnose the reason of overload and optimize your server's performance.

Advanced monitoring

All eyes on your server. Round-the-clock monitoring guarantees uninterrupted performance and our proactive response to any hiccup of your server.

Get real-time alerts about your server status.

Easy scaling

Get full control over resources and compute performance.

Just contact us and we’ll help you match your budget and computing power to your current needs

Full support

We do much more than you expect.

Write any scripts, querying the database and perform any other task - our technical experts at your service.

Get in touch and we will help you. We are here any time you need us to.

Take advantage of integrated CDN

We designed the solution out of the best VPS and CDN features - СDN VPS.

CDN-accelerated VPS is a perfect match of reliability, lightning fast SSD drives, points of presence across Europe, North America and the best value price.


  • All VPS are based on the Intel Xeon powered platform.
  • New branded hardware from SuperMicro, Dell, Intel, Samsung.
  • Servers located at Tier 3 data-centers: Serverius, PhoenixNAP.


  • We are not resellers. We own all servers and network hardware.
  • All ATS & UPS are dual-powered.
  • Racks are equipped with two PDU connected to different UPS.
  • True KVM virtualization for the high performance and stability.


  • We provide premium-quality network cooperating with international Tier-I providers (Cogent, Hurricane, TATA, Hibernia). Network fault tolerance achieved through redundancy on all levels from the network providers to the rack.
  • Each network segment is redundant (routers, uplinks, main switches).
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Private peering.
  • Connection to the main IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) - AMS-IX and PHOENIX-IX.
  • Anycast CDN.


  • Full support comes stock with every VPS plan.
  • Free support time starting at 30 mins and up to 6 hours.
  • Project migration.
  • Free initial setup.
  • Advanced monitoring.
  • Writing custom (server side) scripts.

Benefits of using CDN VPS

How to increase visitor’s engagement and loyalty when your project is the startup?

One of the possible ways to achieve the result and strike the competitors is accelerating your website. Win twice as much delivering content to the visitors on the fastest route possible.

CDN guarantees the same high speed for the visitors from Europe and North America, regardless of the server location.

Important! The key factors of the effective CDN performance are: using Anycast routing and IXPs connectivity (not their quantity) based on the same internet provider. That's why Hostiserver Anycast CDN is based on top 20 Tier 1 ISP - Cogent, Hurricane Electric, TATA Communications, Hibernia Networks etc.

Also, CDN-accelerated SSD VPS cuts your expenses. Pay-as-you-go using the same premium-quality traffic channel at a lower price

As a result boosting website with CDN increases visitor engagement and loyalty as well as your earnings.

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Hurricane logo
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Anycast CDN

The fastest content delivery solution based on Anycast technology (high speed both Europe and North America).

Data centers

Put your content closer to the visitors with our PoPs in 4 edge locations:
USA - Phoenix, AZ; Herndon, VA;
Netherlands - Amsterdam;
Germany - Frankfurt.

Pure SSD

All content (both static and dynamic) is stored on the SSD-equipped cdn-servers.


Increased page speed load time improves your search engine ranking and marketing campaigns effectiveness.


Maximum cache lifetime policy. No matter when the content was requested it remains in cache. You decide when it’s time to remove it from CDN storage.


Content protection: time-expiring links, hotlink protection and more sophisticated solutions at your request.


Full compatibility with all popular CMS.


Protects your origin server from request overload.


CDN servers can handle much bigger traffic flow (10 Gbps, and more) compared to a standalone server (1-2 GBps).

Data centers

Our hardware is located at Tier-3 certified data centers, picked over many others. Lean on our expertise in hardware lifecycle management: procurement, mounting, troubleshooting, hardware replacement and platform update.


Phoenix (USA)

Amsterdam (Europe)

To deliver best-quality connection, our network is based on the premium traffic channels of the Tier-I providers. There are approximately 20 ISPs all over the world listed as Tier-I( We partner with top providers from the list: COGENT-174 and HURRICANE.

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