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Right now ukrainian people are dying from russian attack. Do what you can to do to stop the war! ACT NOW - STOP THIS WAR! There is no time to wait, tomorrow gonna be to late!
Your have already logged in the Wordpress dashboard and don't know what to do next after installing WordPress? We have prepared a handy guide on 15 steps you should take to set up Wordpress properly.
How you can optimize Wordpress database when it becomes overly fat and cluttered with the data? Popular Wordpress datatables optimization plugins, SQL statements and advanced MySQL tuning.
When should you use a 301 redirect? Hands-on instruction how to setup a 301 redirect with Apache web server. How to setup a 301 redirect with Nginx web server.
Hands-on tutorial on switching website(-s) over to HTTPS without hurting your SEO.
Latest Google Chrome browser updates. How to avoid label "Not Secure" in new Chrome 68.
What are proxy mirrors and how can they affect your revenue. How to detect malicious clones and what can you do against them.
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Here, you'll find some tips when it is worth paying more for a hosting service and when you should just save on that.


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