Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS/VPS) SSD KVM

Are you about to make a move to get full control over your server, but are not quite ready for an additional dedicated server account? In this situation our Virtual Servers (VDS / VPS) are the most reliable solution. Get your own virtual dedicated server with full access at an affordable price. Having chosen our services, you get a virtual server (VDS / VPS) as close to a physical dedicated server with its own operating system and kernel, as it can be. VDS / VPS hosting is the best solution for those customers who are in need for the server's larger capacity, coupled with the flexibility of configuration and it's affordable price.

Note! If you are not satisfied with our proposed configuration, you can compose the VDS that you need without any problems (for example, adding more storage or traffic. Different tariffs can be combined). If you need a VDS / VPS, please refer to the sales manager.

Faster than fast VDS SSD KVM/ USA, Netherlands

RAM SSD Traffic Connection Port IP Tech support Price/ per month  
SSD-15 2.5Ghz 1core 1GB 10GB 1Tb 1 Gb/s 1ip - $ 15 Order
SSD-20 2.5Ghz 1core 2GB 25GB 2Tb 1 Gb/s 1ip - $ 20 Order
SSD-30 2.5Ghz 1core 3GB 40GB 3Tb 1 Gb/s 1ip 45min $ 30 Order
SSD-45 2.5Ghz 1core 4GB 55GB 4Tb 1 Gb/s 2ip 75min $ 45 Order
SSD-70 2.5Ghz 2core 8GB 100GB 5Tb 1 Gb/s 2ip unlim $ 70 Order

Microsoft software add-ons (click here to open the list)

Item name
Windows 2012 Server R2 Standard (1 core)
Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard (1 core)
Windows 2012 Server R2 Datacenter (1 core)
SQL Server 2012 Web (2 Core Pack)
SQL Server 2012 Standard (2 Core Pack)
SQL Server 2012 Enterprise (2 Core Pack)

VDS Options (click here to open the list)

Item name
Traffic overuse
Number of sites
Unlimited *
Number of SQL-databases
Unlimited *
On demand
Unlimited *
Number of Email-aliases
Unlimited *
Number of Email-forwardings
Unlimited *
Control panel
ISPmanager $5/month
additional SSD space
$0.3 per Gb/month
Additional CPU
$25 per core
Additional IPv4
$3/month per IP
Additional IPv6
Additional Tech Support
$40 per hour
* Subject to reasonable constraints.